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Design Thinking Workshop - head

DepokMobi, a mobile developer community where we are also actively involved, recently held a Indonesia Design Thinking Workshop in CCIT Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia with Putra Setia Utama, our own director, as one of the mentors. Also participating as mentor is Imanzah Iboy Nurhidayat from MakeDoNia community.

Design thinking itself is a method to find a solution for a problem by using empathy as the foundation. In the mini workshop, the mentors challenge the participants on how to create an interesting wallet and what is the best way to give a present.

30 participants of the workshop are divided into mini teams comprised of two people. Then, one of them was asked to interview his partner with design thinking method. Final result of this workshop is each of the participants created a prototype of what is desired by his partner.

Design Thinking Workshop - 1Putra Setia Utama, mentor of DepokMobi design thinking mini workshop

Design Thinking Workshop - 2Imanzah Iboy Hidayat, representative from MakeDoNia and also mentor of the workshop

Design Thinking Workshop - 4Tools to create prototype in the workshop

Design Thinking Workshop - 6Participants are creating prototype from the interview result

Design Thinking Workshop - 5One of the participants are presenting his prototype

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