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DepokMobi Meetup Participants

Monthly DepokMobi Meetup was once again held this February 2015 with topic Recognizing Market and Creating a Profitable HTML5 Game. Around 30 developers in Depok, Indonesia attended the event.

For the opening, we have Mr. Herri Setiawan, leader of TDA Depok community (entrepreneur community) shares a little bit about life in community and how community members should contribute to its community.

Next comes Aditya Anwar & Adrian Anwar brothers from AntPixel Studio. They share their experience in building and generating money from HTML5 games. One of their HTML5 games manage to generate 9 million IDR each month. They also share what to look out for when creating HTML5 games.

In the end of the event, Dimas Ramadhani from Sunsquare Studio and Ikhlas Risandy from StudioIndependent present their product to meetup participants. And, as usual after the event some meetup participants still stick around to do some networking with each other.

DepokMobi Meetup

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